Teufelberger Trex 19.1mm Soft Eye Sling 5m


SKU: 7380180

Teufelberger Trex 19.1mm Soft Eye Sling 5m

The tREX Soft Eye Sling allows you to set hardware to the ideal length for your intended use in practically no time at all. The loose end is tapered in a special procedure and bent at an optimum angle such that the end can be pulled through easily and with minimal effort. The various available lengths and the 35cm eye offer you several configuration options.

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  • Length: 5 m
  • Standard: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Cover: Polyester
  • Braid: 12
  • Ø rope: 19.1 mm | 3/4"
  • Min. breaking strength(Pull in 90°): 5,000 daN | 11,240 lbf
  • Min. breaking strength(Pull in 0°): 5,900 daN | 13,260 lbf

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