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PRE ORDER NOW ON! Long-awaited, the Rope Runner Pro is now available to order! A complete re-engineering with inventor Kevin Bingham, the new Rope Runner has improved ergonomics, rope-friendly surfaces, and is mid-line attachable. If you've been waiting for the next evolution of the Rope Runner, it has arrived!

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  • All-round rope
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Ecological footprint
  • Flexible colors

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Since its initial launch in 2007, our treeMOTION has convinced arborists of its quality, featuring more comfort due to a great range of movement, individual gear loops,  great work positioning convenience and improved distribution of loads, as well as  the use of premium quality materials.

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The Zubat is the most widely-used handsaw by arborists in the world. ... With the new Zubat Arborist, Silky truly meets all the needs of the arborist. The saw has extra-large teeth (5.5 teeth per 30mm) and quickly rips through soft, fresh wood like linden, poplar and willow.

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