Updated On 2nd July 2020


In Treestore’s Policy, “We”, “Us” Or “Our” Mention Refers To The Company Who Is Responsible For Handling, Collecting And Processing Your Personal Information/ Data.


We Strictly Serve To Adhere And Comply With The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) With The Personal Data You provide Us. By Accessing Our Website And Providing Us With Your Personal Data, You Have Agreed And Given Consent To All The Data, Information, Condition And Terms In The Policy.

1  Personal Information/ Data We May Collect


1.1  When Using treestore.io, Data That We May Collect During The Services That We Provide During Your Interaction With Us Includes;


1.1.1  Contact And Identifiable Information/ Data:

  • E-mail Address
  • Name (Includes Your First And Last Name)
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Billing And/Or Delivery Address
  • Marital Status
  • Date Of Birth


1.1.2  Other Personal Information/ Data:

  • Credit Card And/Or Banking Details
  • Transaction Details
  • Treestore’s Online Account
  • Business Contact Information


1.1.3  Automated Data Collection:

  • Cookies (More Information About Cookie Policy And/ Or Usage, Refer To Cookie Policy)
  • IP Address
  • Domain Name
  • Browser Type
  • Access Time and Date
  • Referral Website
  • Geographical Location
  • Duration Of Visitation


2  Children’s Personal Information/ Data 


2.1  Services Provided By treestore.io

  • Targets Audience Of Our Website Services Are Open to All Above The Age Of 18
  • Parents Can Open An Account On The Behalf Of You, If You Are Under The Age Of 18
  • We Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Mishaps, Casualty, Injury And/ Or Accidents That Have Occur To Your Children When Using Our Products.


3  Usage Of Collected Personal Information/ Data


3.1  treestore.io Uses The Information Provided To Us By:

  • Processing Request And Enquiry
  • Responding To Application
  • Providing Better Customer Services
  • Providing Customer Request
  • Providing Security
  • Status Of Delivery
  • Resolving Dispute
  • Gathering And Contacting Customer For Feedback
  • Ensuring A Hassle-Free Shopping Experience
  • Resolving Disputes And Problems Customers Encounter
  • Monitor And Enhance Our Website From Surveys And/ Or Feedback


3.2  Other Usage Of Personal Information/ Data:

  • Legal Requirements And Obligations
  • Accounting, Record Keeping, Researching And Compliance
  • Training Of Treestore’s Staff Members
  • Providing You With Newsletters, Promotions And Treestore’s Deals


4  Third-Party Website Links


4.1  In Our Website, There May Be Links To Other Website That Is Of Interest To You. 


4.2  Please Be Vigilant Over The Usage Of The Websites As We Do Not Have Control And Responsibility Over The Third-Party’s Website.

  • Ensure That You Study The Given Privacy Policy In the Respective Website And Exercise Caution


5  Reviews And/ Or Comments Data Collection


5.1  Data Collected During Product Reviews and Comment Include:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address


5.2  By Leaving A Review And/ Or Comment, You Have Agreed And Given Consent To The Processing Of Your Personal Information/ Data


5.3  If You Would Like To Withdraw, Feel Free To Contact Us Any Time By Emailing To info@treestore.io For The Deletion Of Your Personal Information/ Data


6  Personal Information/ Data Disclosure


6.1  Information Disclosure Includes: 

  • Under No Circumstances Shall Treestore Sell, Lease, Rent, Release And Disclose Your Personal Information To Third Parties.
  • Disclosure Of Personal Information/ Data by Us Will Only Occur If You Have Given Consent To Provide Data To Trusted Third Parties/ Partners For Marketing Information, Statistical Analysis And Customer Support.
  • Personal information/ Data May Be Disclosed To Service Providers Such As Delivery Services, Lawyers, Auditors, Maintenance Services And Accountants.
  • Legal, Governmental And Tax And Law Enforcement Authorities Will Be Provided With Your Personal Information/ Data For Us To Comply With Industry And Legal  Requirements, Legal Engagements, Obligations &/ Or Processes
  • You Are Always Informed If Your Personal Information/ Data Are Intended To Be Disclosed To Any Third Party. In Any Case, Where You Are Uncomfortable In The Disclosure Of Your Personal Information/ Data, You Have The Rights To Halt Us From Disclosing, Processing And/ Or Collecting Any Of Your Personal Information/ Data. 


7  Revision Of Privacy Policy And Personal Information


7.1  Revision Of Privacy Policy 

  • Our Privacy Policy May Amend From Time To Time And Amended Treestore’s Privacy Policy Will Be Announced And Publicised On Our Website.
  • We Encourage You To Occasionally Or Periodically Check And Review This Privacy Policy To Be Notified Of Any Changes To The Privacy Policy And Ensure That You Are Content With The Alterations


7.2  Revision Of Personal Information

  • Changes To Any Personal Information/ Data Like Change In E-mail Address, Contact Information And Name Can Be Corrected By Emailing info@treestore.io And Letting Us Know The Updated Information. This Is To Ensure Your Personal Information/ Data Is Precise, Valid And Recent
  • Please Refer To Customer Service For More Information Of treestore.io

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