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Teufelberger TreeMotion Arborist Harness Standard

Since its initial launch in 2007, our treeMOTION has convinced arborists of its quality, featuring

  • more comfort due to a great range of movement,
  • individual gear loops, 
  • great work positioning convenience and
  • improved distribution of loads, as well as 
  • the use of premium quality materials.

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DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric

The Hitch Climber Eccentric is an evolution of the classic Triple Attachment Pulley that became widely known as the ‘Hitch Climber’. The design improvements are the result of over a decade of Hitch Climber design and manufacturing expertise, together with feedback from climbers.

The new geometry offers greater efficiency combined with a striking aesthetic. The ‘pushing plates’ will advance your friction hitch earlier and the optimised fairlead flairs direct rope towards the sheave when tending slack.
Also features a large sheave with an efficient roller bearing and a stainless steel axle. Patent pending.

The pack consists of Hitch Climber Eccentric PUL500GR + UltraO Locksafe + PerfectO Locksafe.

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Silky Gunfighter Curve Professional / Blade 330mm
The SIlky Gunfighter is a new lightweight saw with a special quick-change design fro replacing the blade when it's worn out. The blade features progressive tooth sizing which starts finer near the handle and increases to a more aggressive tooth size near the tip. With the curved blade, progressive teeth and a nickel coating

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