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DMM Revolver Rig


The Revolver Rig is a connector with an integrated pulley sheave. It brings industrial strength and performance to our innovative pulley wheel/connector combo to give an incredibly versatile connector that can be used in any running rope system to increase efficiency.

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Town Council Needs Help Managing Trees

Singapore is mostly boring, and that is a good thing.

Trains and buses arrive on time, elevators work, and drinking water straight out of a tap is generally safe.

However, when it comes to town council tree management, there is space for improvement.

On 27th Aug 2020, our principal arborist saw fungal fruiting bodies and a crack on a tree. These are clear signs of imminent failure. So he did the right thing and contacted the town council using OneService.

To their credit the town council replied in a timely manner.


Town council report

Red circle around the fungal fruiting bodies, red arrow pointing at the crack

Case closed. Problem solved right?

Not quite. When our principal arborist passed by the area on 14th Sep 2020, he discovered the tree was heavily pruned.


Before and After tree work

Not the right type of tree work needed

The horticulture team dispatched by the Town Council had done something, but the actions taken were entirely inappropriate for the issue.

The tree’s defects meant that the tree should have been removed, not pruned.

Sure enough, around midnight on 15th Sep 2020, the tree failed.


Failed tree

An avoidable error

Nobody was injured, and nothing was damaged, but this incident does show that there are gaps in our town council’s tree management regime that need to be filled.

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Tips on how to use a Notch Jet Step


Are you experiencing rope release while using your Jetstep? Here are some tips & tricks to make sure you have a successful ascent:
🌳Keep the rope as taut as possible (helps to have weight on the bottom, especially in the initial ascent)
🌳Ensure the ascender is well secured against the footwear
🌳Keep a perpendicular orientation of the fairlead to the rope (balanced and proper body positioning)
Without a full gate on the cam entry, you can't eliminate the potential of rope release during a climb - but that's the tradeoff! The Jetstep has a hook fairlead and doesn't require manual opening of the gate once you've completed your ascent, as many others do.

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