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NEW! NOTCH Rope Runner Pro (Pre Order)


Long-awaited, the Rope Runner Pro is now available to order! A complete re-engineering with inventor Kevin Bingham, the new Rope Runner has improved ergonomics, rope-friendly surfaces, and is mid-line attachable. If you've been waiting for the next evolution of the Rope Runner, it has arrived!

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The new Chameleon is a robust, all-round rope with an ecological footprint. It is an access rope certified to EN 1891A and perfectly Single and Double rope technique.

For its production, high-quality yarns left over during color change in the extrusion process is used. Therefore the rope’s color is flexible and changes based on the raw material provided. This upcycling helps to reduce waste in the fiber production process. The Chameleon range offers the same great handling and strength you would expect from TEUFELBERGER ropes.


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Teufelberger TreeMotion Arborist Harness Standard

Since its initial launch in 2007, our treeMOTION has convinced arborists of its quality, featuring

  • more comfort due to a great range of movement,
  • individual gear loops, 
  • great work positioning convenience and
  • improved distribution of loads, as well as 
  • the use of premium quality materials.

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