Teufelberger treeMOTION Pro Harness


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Teufelberger treeMOTION Pro Harness

Following the trend is easy, but improving in order to help tree climbers to get more efficient is what Teufelberger commits with its new treeMOTION Pro.

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      The new treeMOTION Pro has now been perfectly customized for every climber due to its shape and adaptability. This gives the term "unisex" another, better definition in the climbing harness industry.

      The 10-year lifespan and the ability to change up to 10 parts of your harness makes the treeMOTION Pro the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the treecare industry.



      • 10 years of life (since the date of manufacture)
      • 3 sizes  (Small, Medium, Large)
      • Double adjustment waist buckle
      • More adapted to every morphology
      • Double bridges optional
      • Openable side ring for easy replacements of hip/leg connections
      • 4 Attachment points for suspender/chest
      • New back and leg paddings
      • Improved comfort
      • Maximum customization

      Replacement parts available: 

      • Bridges
      • Lying openable ring
      • Leg Loops
      • Hip Leg Connection
      • Elastic of leg loops
      • Elastic cords for gear loops
      • Chainsaw ring (back side)
      • Back padding
      • Leg paddings


      • EN813:2008, EN358:2018
      • ANSI Z133-2017 for arboricultural operations,
      • ASTM F887-20, CSA Z259.1-05, AS/NZS 1891.1:2020

      Size available: Small | Medium | Large


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