Teufelberger Shaoline Throwline 2.2mm 45m | 60m


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Teufelberger Shaoline Throwline 2.2mm 45m | 60m

The shaoLINE is the perfect throwline from TEUFELBERGER. With its diameter of 2,2 mm, it impresses with efficiency and safety.

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shaoLINE is made up of a Dyneema® and polyethylene monofilament cover and a polyethylene core. The PE monofilaments increase the abrasion resistance of this throwline and keep the cover from becoming roughened.

This ensures that the line maintains the required strength. This line is resistant to knots and kinks due to the polyethylene in its core. The rope's core can be removed to allow the line to tear and the throwbag to come loose.

This makes shaoLINE the ideal throwline for climbers seeking high levels of efficiency and safety.


Core: polyethylene
Cover: Dyneema®/polyethylene monofilaments
Diameter [mm]: 2.2
Min. breaking strength [daN]: 205

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