Teufelberger Ocean Polyster Prusik Cord 10mm


SKU: 7159852_3ft

Teufelberger Ocean Polyster Prusik Cord 10mm

Our Ocean Polyester is ideal for use as a hitch cord. Featuring superb resistance to abrasion and heat, it meets the high standards expected of such ropes.

Ocean Polyester consists of a polyester/aramid cover and a polyester core. This specific material combination and the construction of this rope make this accessory cord particularly abrasion resistant, grippy, and heat resistant. Furthermore, our Ocean Polyester offers impressive longevity and great value for money.

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Diameter: 10mm (3/8")
Core: polyester
Cover: polyester/aramid
Braid: 32 
Min. breaking strength, free length : 7415 lbs (3300 daN)

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