Teufelberger Breathable Padding -treeMOTION Pro and Essential


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Teufelberger Breathable Padding -treeMOTION Pro and Essential

The breathable padding – ideal for hot summer days!

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Are you sweating a lot while climbing? We have the solution for you!

When you are working in hot conditions it is good to have paddings that let the air circulate - just like our new breathable paddings for treeMOTION Pro and Essential. It will make you fully enjoy climbing even during hot summer days. In addition, it looks really cool and can be changed easily.

The Breathable padding comes standard with leg paddings.


  • Polyester mesh for optimal air circulation
  • Comes with leg loop paddings
  • Easily exchangeable
Available sizes:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

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