TAZ LOV3 Fall Arrest Descender



TAZ LOV3 Fall Arrest Descender

Fall arrest device | descender | for ropes Ø 10–11 mm

The LOV3 by TAZ is suitable as fall arrest device and descender for vertical or diagonal ropes. Ascent and use as a progress capture device in lifting systems are also possible. Because of the straight rope channel, the LOV3 can be used especially well for rope-walking technique. In addition, it can be attached or detached from the rope while a carabiner is hooked in. This prevents the device from being dropped accidentally.

Unique device of its own on the market, it is the only tool that performs 5 functions for working at height and keep all these functions on tensioned or diagonal ropes.

  1. fall arrest device
  2. descender
  3. blocker
  4. rescue device
  5. adjustable lanyard LOV3+ : LOV3 associated with our lanyard LOVROPE


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Rope device: Belay Devices

Max Weight: 120 kg 

EN 12841-A | EN 12841-B | EN 12841-C | EN 15151-1 | EN 341-2C | EN 358

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