Silky Sugoi Pro Hand Saw + Blade 330mm | 360mm | 420mm


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Silky Sugoi Pro Hand Saw + Blade 330mm | 360mm | 420mm

*This product is not available to ship to Malaysia.*

The Sugoi is a fast-cutting, aggressive saw with extra-large teeth for shredding through wood. The professional version has been upgraded with a curved scabbard to match the blade profile. This scabbard has triple-rollers which guide the Sugoi smoothly into place and lock it there. Your blade and scabbard both last longer as the saw isn't chewing up the plastic! The scabbard comes with leg straps and a removable belt clip.

The handle of the Sugoi is big and roomy, with cushioned rubber grip. This saw will not only cut fast, but you'll be comfortable and less fatigued while you do it. The Sugoi 330mm is a fantastic evolution of the original Sugoi.

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  • Blade length: 330 mm (till Ø 165 mm), 360 mm 
  • Teeth: extra-large (6.5-5.5 teeth per 30 mm)
  • Blade Dimension: 360 mm 551 x 108 x 1.8mm | 420 mm  551 x 108 x 1.8 mm
  • Dimension: 360mm 575 x 144 x 45 mm | 420 mm 605 x 148 x 45 mm
  • Kerf: 1.7 mm
  • Radius: 690
  • Suited for both fresh and seasoned wood
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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