Silky Outback Edition Nata Double Edge 240MM


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Silky Outback Edition Nata Double Edge 240MM

*This product is not available to ship to Malaysia.*

The Finally, the new Nata Outback, the ultimate outdoor tool with attitude and excellent "must have feeling," is here.

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Silky Black Oxide combines ancient Japanese rust protection techniques with modern technologies. The blade achieves its pitch-black look using a sophisticated oxidation process, providing great stealth and, of course, a very seductive black finish. This superb polish is reminiscent of a Japanese sword; greater rust resistance without sacrificing sharpness.
The 240 mm blade is double-edged and hand-forged from the best SKS-51 (JIS) steel. Silky's rubber Genki grip covers the complete tang blade for the most comfortable and stable grip. Perfect for wood splitting, batoning, and outdoor cooking.
To accompany you on all your journeys, the Nata Outback Edition comes with a rigid black holster with a detachable belt loop.



Dimensions: 460 x 125 x 45 mm

Blade length: 240 mm

Weight: 1,100 g

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