Silky Outback Edition Gomboy Curve + Blade 240mm


SKU: 752-24

Silky Outback Edition Gomboy Curve + Blade 240mm

 *This product is not available to ship to Malaysia.*

The Silky Outback Edition hand saws feature a handle made of Arbor composite which provides excellent grip and control for wet, cold and game-processing conditions. The blade can cut bone and wood, and is black-plated with a nickel/tin blend to improve durability and reduce reflection for stealth, low-impact activities.

Complimentary Clear Plastic Carrying Case For Belt 

Product Made In Japan 

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Model: 752-24 | 753-24 (Blade)
Blade Type: Curve
Teeth pitch: 8 (6.8tpi), Large Teeth
Weight: 288 g | 30 g 

NON-SET TEETH: Taper ground to reduce resistance for smoother, easier and faster cutting.

IMPULSE-HARDENED: The teeth of the blade are heated and hardened to stay sharp three times longer than non-hardened teeth.

MIRAI-ME: Featuring 4 cutting angles along the blade for rip-cutting, cross-cutting and slant cutting, leaving a smooth surface every time.

BLACK PLATING: Blacking plating allows the entire blade, including the teeth, to be coated with a unique, highly durable Nickel / Tin blend. It provides longer blade life and improved cutting performance.

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