Silky Katanaboy 1000mm


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Silky Katanaboy 1000mm

*This product is not available to ship to Malaysia.*

Say you have a really big limb that you need to cut off without waking up the neighbors. You cant use a chainsaw, so what do you do? You whip out your six-foot long Silky Katanaboy with its forty-inch blade and you slice it off in no time. With its non-slip rubberized grips and impulse hardened teeth, this massive two-handed saw would have been just as useful as a real katana in a battle in feudal Japan.

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Length (Unfolded): 80.5"

Blade Length: 39.4" (1000mm)

Teeth: 5 per 30mm near the handle to 2.5 teeth per 30mm at the tip

  • Massive two-handed saw that slices through a 50cm tree or branch like a hot Silky through butter
  • Foldable so you can take it place - just not a courthouse, school, airport, grocery store, church, government building, or train station. In fact, you should probably just take it to worksites and that's it
  • Locking safety system stops the blade before it snugs into the handle, preventing you from accidentally losing all of your fingers
  • Super large, coarse, impulse hardened, tri-edge teeth will slice through everything short of steel
  • Might cut through steel - we haven't tried it
  • Special Gom rubber handle that is patented by Silky Saws
  • Comes with a canvas carrying case

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