Protos® Integral Safety Glasses Clear


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Protos® Integral Safety Glasses Clear

The Protos® Integrated Safety Glasses are suitable for any head. Since the attachment arms are length and angle adjustable, they can be customized to fit any face. They can be adjusted according to individual needs and preferences. It is also easy to adjust the soft nose piece by width, and ensure that the glasses are back-ventilated.



• ANSI Z87.1 | EN166
• Fully adjustable to fit any face
• Tucks away with ease into the Protos® Integral for safekeeping
• Connects to the helmet instead of sitting behind the ears, which allows the ear protection a perfect seal for optimal hearing protection

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The Protos® Integrated Safety Glasses offer the highest mechanical strength at extreme temperatures, according to EN166:2002 and ANSI Z87.1-2015. They are very sturdy, despite their light weight. In addition to stability, the glasses are also equipped with a protective UV filter, protecting the eyes from the dangers of sunlight.

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