Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard


SKU: 52002

Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard


The two-piece Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard is a great solution for climbing with your chainsaw. Simply girth hitch the lanyard to your saddle and hitch the other loops to your saws, then switch out between your saws quickly and easily. This updated version features improved stretch material offering an extra 22" of reach.

  • Two-piece chainsaw lanyard design features pair of redundant snaps allowing easy installation and removal of a chainsaw
  • Additional handle loop clip included
  • Sewn in ring allows storage directly on the harness
  • Break-away design
  • Hi-vis green color

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Manufacturer Part Number:X-SHER-18-002
Country of Manufacture:CN
Strand Count:Webbing
Product Type:Stretch Lanyards

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