Notch Magneato


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Notch Magneato

Not for life support.

The Magneato is a chest harness attachment that’s safer than a micro carabiner and designed specifically to eliminate any risk of interference with the Rope Runner Pro. 


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The magnetic attachment allows quick, effortless connection, and stays connected as you climb.

The carabiner-style wire gate allows for easy connection to any chest harness and eliminates the need for a micro carabiner. When you need to disconnect after your climb, simply twist and it separates.


  • Not for life support
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Installs on any Rope Runner Pro
  • Not compatible with Rope Runner Classic models
  • Weight: 24g / .05 lb
  • Length: 10.4cm / 4.1in
  • Width: 3.55cm / 1.4in
  • Height: 2cm / .8in
  • Materials: Aluminum 7075, magnet
  • Country: Taiwan

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