Notch Felling Wedges 5.5' | 8' | 10'


SKU: 40077

Notch Felling Wedges 5.5' | 8' | 10'


The Notch Felling Wedges are a re-imagined version of a fundamental tool. These high-impact ABS plastic felling wedges are double tapered and featured a nicely textured surface on both sides which helps to keep the wedge from backing out or sliding once in a kerf. The notches on the sides, placed at 1" intervals, help you know how far in your wedge is. The color coded ends quickly tell you which size of wedge you're holding and the ergonomic shape makes them easier to grab.

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  • Textured surface prevents backing out of trees
  • Large hammering area
  • Color coded Easy-Head grip
  • Side notches work as ruler indicators
  • Heavy-duty high-impact ABS plastic
Length: 5.5/ 8/ 10 in
Material: Plastic

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