Falteimer Double Floored Throw Cube



Falteimer Double Floored Throw Cube

The Falteimer Folding Cube is the platinum standard in the 'cube' market. In a matter of seconds, this handy triangle becomes a cube-shaped folding box which is 43 cm wide. The size of the opening makes it much easier to throw the line from and to flake back in. It is a well known problem among arborists 'how do i store my throwline without it tangling'? The Folding Cube Double is the ideal solution.


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  • It combines many single advantages into one piece of equipment.
  • The Folding Cube can be employed and deployed in a matter of seconds.
  • Throw lines and weight bags have separate inside pouces and are firmly held once the bag is collapsed.
  • The carry velcro strap and clip makes this cube perfect for transport.
  • Buy it once, and be done; treat yourself and see the differences
  • Double floor

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