DMM Vault Lockgate (Single/2 Pack)


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DMM Vault Lockgate (Single/2 Pack)

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The Vault is a secure and durable tool holder that can be used on everything from harnesses and kit bags to vehicles.
The two part aluminium alloy Vault is secured using a stainless steel bolt and is the ideal solution for gear storage, organisation and transportation.
The locking gate option provides even greater security for your kit by preventing accidental opening.



-Strong, safe and secure
-One handed operation for ease of use
-Top ‘shelf’ allows in-situ gear selection
-Low nose profile minimises hook-ups
-Can be set to either the unlocked or locked position
-Max webbing size: 45 x 3mm
-WLL 3kN - Not PPE
-User installable - flat bladed screwdriver required
-Product code : A552
-Color : Silver/Red
-Weight : 79g


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