DMM Stowaway Small | Large



DMM Stowaway Small | Large

Storage loops with ultimate flexibility

Product name: Stowaway Small | Stowaway Large
Product code: FGL-SMALL | FDL-LARGE
Color: Red
Dimension: 32*43*48 mm l 41*52*93 mm
Weight: 20 g | 25 g
Max load: 0.05kN
Certification: NOT PPE


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Fix Stowaways to flat, curved or pliable surfaces to solve your storage issues. Available in two sizes, Stowaways are made of a robust elastomer that makes them easy to install, efficient to connect to and long lasting. Use them in the workshop or on your gear bags and harness to keep your kit looking great and well organised.

Compatible with Parking Lot to allow installation to webbing up to 45mm.

  • Injection moulded in high performance UV stabilised elastomer
  • Anodised threaded aluminium bosses
  • Available in two sizes to suit all requirements
  • Offset shape makes for easy connection
  • Can be stretched or compressed to suit fixing holes or desired sizing
  • Pliable material allows installation on curved or flexing substrates
  • Patent Pending

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