DMM Screw Gate Klettersteig S/G (aluminium) Carabinar


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DMM Screw Gate Klettersteig S/G (aluminium) Carabinar

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Our Klettersteig carabiner's wide gate opening and long flat basket make it ideal for clipping webbing and for use in complex rope-running applications. The expanded D shape also keeps the load along the major axis maximising strength. Large size makes it easy to use with gloved hands.



- Klettersteig for size 
Klettersteig connectors look and behave very similarly to Offset Ds, but are wider. This design helps maximise the gate opening and the internal working volume, whilst still allowing any loads to be located as close to the spine of the connector as possible. Klettersteig connectors must pass an additional test to any of the other connectors as they are often subjected to loads in sub-optimal orientations.
- Keylock clean nose for snag free connection
DMM's patented Taperlock closing mechanism increases gate push-in and cross gate strength using a special flared profile on the nose of the carabiner, as well as allowing a snag free connection for your ropes, slings and devices.
- Easy to use with gloved hands.
Product code : A842
Colour : Titanium/Lime
MBS (Major Axis) : 30kN
MBS (Minor Axis) : 14kN
MBS (Gate Open) : 10kN
Dimension : 77x120mm
Weight : 87g
Gate opening : 26mm
Certification : EN362:2004 B/T, EN 12275:2013 B & K

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