DMM Rigging Hub - Small | Large



DMM Rigging Hub - Small | Large


- Textile friendly connection points suitable for rope, webbing and opposed connectors
- Central hole can accommodate a running rope and facilitates 3D rigging
- CNC machined from top grade alloy for strength, durability and lightness
- Recommended for rescue and rigging applications.


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Complex 3D rigging focused onto a single anchor. The DMM rigging hub can be used to form a super strong centralised anchor point for use in treework, rope access and rescue.

Radiused surfaces throughout allow direct rope or textile attachment - this includes running ropes, girth hitched slings, tied in prussiks, etc.

Use of multiple 3D anchors often allow the hubs to be used as a lightweight alternative to a tripod for edge management or targeted lifting points e.g over a manhole or cave entrance.

Certified to our in-house Linking Components standard.


Product code/Size: ARB-HUB108/Small, ARB-HUB175/Large
Color: Purple
MBS: 80/45kN, 150/45kN
WLL: 16/9kN, 30/9kN
Dimension : 119mm/169mm
Weight : 260g/550g
Certification : NFPA 1983 (2012ED) G, NFPA 1983 (2012ED) G

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