DMM Pinto 2 Pulley - Red



DMM Pinto 2 Pulley - Red

The Pulley I Need To Own 

The Pinto (Pulley I Need To Own) is loved the world over, but even classics deserve an upgrade, which is exactly what we’ve done with the Pinto 2 and Pinto Rig 2.


  • Full strength attachments at eye and becket provide a wide range rigging options
  • Fixed sideplate design is easy to clip into and load onto tensioned ropes
  • Hot forged and robust, with smooth rope and textile friendly fairleads and edges
  • Connect directly in with textile components for extra versatility: increase lift height, minimise space required, or enhance tolerance to torsion
  • Recessed sheave design helps rope feed smoothly from all angles
  • Sealed ball bearings for high efficiency and low maintenance
  • Optional spacer available separately for use with rope connection
  • Tamperproof construction
  • Made in Wales, and certified for peace of mind
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With smooth lines, textile friendly connections, and a full strength becket, Pinto pulleys are incredibly versatile pulleys that work well in most moving rope systems.

Not just a makeover: we’ve kept the same compact and lightweight form of the original Pinto but fitted it with efficient ball bearings meaning it will do everything it always has done better than ever.

Big Brother is stepping up: with a new bigger 38mm sheave suitable for up to 16mm ropes, the Pinto Rig 2 has had a significant size upgrade making it better suited and more efficient when used in rigging scenarios.

Both the Pinto 2 and the Pinto Rig 2 feature a recessed sheave design to create a completely smooth rope channel meaning your rope or tagline will never snag and always sit on the sheave when feeding in at odd angles.


Color: Red

MBS: 35 kN (26 kN Becket)

WLL: 5 kN (5 kN Becket)

Dimension: 95*45*34 mm

Weight: 117 g

Rope diameter: 14mm max

Certification: EN12278:2007
                       NFPA 2500 (1983) 2022 ED (G)

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