DMM Phantom HMS Locksafe Carabiner


SKU: A577

DMM Phantom HMS Locksafe Carabiner


An extremely compact, lightweight and yet strong, true HMS shape carabiner that is ideally suited to belaying and rigging. Use of an extra-short gate means it can take two clove hitches with ease.

-Round, durable and generous rope bearing surface

Rope friendly (larger bend radius) and smooth belaying


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Product name: Phantom HMS Locksafe

Product code: A577 | A577MG

Color: Titanium/Green | Matte Grey *NEW COLOR*

Dimension: 71 x 96mm

Weight: 62g

MBS(Major axis): 25kN

MBS (Minor axis): 9kN

MBS(Gate open): 7kN

Gate opening: 19mm 

Certification: EN362:2004 B, EN12275:2013 H

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