DMM Parking Lot



DMM Parking Lot

Versatility, delivered on a plate


Product name: Parking Lot
Product code: XSRE-PL
Color: Grey 
Dimension: 64*83*16 mm
Weight: 32 g
Max load: 0.3 kN
Certification: NOT PPE


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The Parking Lot is an adaptor plate that permits the installation of a range of DMM components to a substrate such as webbing. Micro Vault, Stowaway and other components can be bolted to the plate via the multitude of holes adding greatly to gear storage options for your harness, work belt or bag.
  • Injection moulded in super robust glass-filled Nylon with brass threaded inserts and stainless steel screws
  • Strong, stiff and dimensionally accurate
  • Multiple holes provide numerous configuration options
  • Compatible with DMM Stowaway and DMM Micro Vault
  • Can be installed on most webbings up to 45mm width
  • Patent Pending

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