Climbing Technology QUICK ROLL Hand Ascender With Pulley 140kg

Climbing Technology

SKU: 2D663DJ

Climbing Technology QUICK ROLL Hand Ascender With Pulley 140kg

Innovative lifting handle with integrated pulley. Used in conjunction with a self-braking descender (eg SPARROW ) it allows the working rope to be raised.

Main features:

  • ergonomic overmolded handle, for greater effectiveness in traction and greater wear resistance;
  • cam opening lever usable with one hand and cam release system that is activated with a single downward movement (patented);
  • steel locking cam, produced with technology that implements wear resistance. Equipped with teeth that preserve the wear of the rope, but is equally effective in locking and climbing the rope. It also has three slots to prevent the accumulation of mud and reduce the effort necessary to slide the device up on the rope in any condition (muddy rope, frozen, etc.);
  • equipped with two hooking holes for various uses, an anti-overturning cam system and a secondary hole for connecting a quick link for the bracket.
Attention! The integrated pulley is not a PPE and should only be used as an aid to ascent in the methods indicated and not for lifting people and / or material.

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  • Dimension: 189 x 93 mm
  • Max Load:  140 kg
  • Weight:  255 g
  • Certification: EN 567:2013 Ø 8 - 13 mm | EN 12841:2006-B Ø 10 - 13 mm

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