Climbing Technology QT UNIVERSAL Support

Climbing Technology

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Climbing Technology QT UNIVERSAL Support


The Climbing Technology Quick Tree Ascenders are designed to work attached to either your boot support, or - with the QT Spur Support - attach directly to your climbing spurs. This allows you to have versatility in your climbing style, with the choice to ascend with your spurs or quickly switch over to using your foot mounted ascender.

Designed to be used with the Climbing Technology Quick Tree Ascender
QT Spur Support can be used to attached to either the left or right spur
Easy installation
Designed to install onto any tree climbing spurs
Position of the locking cam can be easily adjusted in both directions according to the user's needs

  • Can be used for either righ or left foot
  • Can be installed on any boot
  • Only weighs 100g
  • Stylish orange makes you look even cooler while in a tree
  • Designed to be used with the Climbing Technology Quick Tree Ascender
  • Ascender is not included

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Product Type: Ascenders
Manufacturer Part Number: 4D66100V1NE0001
Material: Aluminum
Country of Manufacture: IT
SKU: 23904

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