Buckingham Friction Saver with Steel Rings - 3' Length


SKU: 57S-36

Buckingham Friction Saver with Steel Rings - 3' Length


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This version features heavy-duty steel rings which will withstand frequent abuse better than the aluminum version. The friction saver reduces premature wear on your climbing line and eliminates damage to tree limbs caused by excess friction. It offers minimal friction when working from different positions in the tree and can be wrapped around a stem for use as a false crotch where no natural crotch exists. It also aids in keeping slack out of your line for added safety during your ascent.

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Product Type: Ring Style
Color: Yellow
Length: 24 in
Tensile Strength: 5,000 lbs ( 22.2 kN )
WLL: 500 lbs ( 2.2 kN )
Meets ANSI Requirements: Yes
Country of Manufacture: US
Manufacturer Part Number: 57S-24
Material: Steel
Strand Count: Webbing

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