ART Swivel Positioner Lanyard Device



ART Swivel Positioner Lanyard Device


When it comes to mechanical adjusters on lanyards the ART Positioner has become the tree climbers first choice. The Positioner grabs the rope as soon as it comes under load. Contrary to conventionally used rope clamps the Positioner allows a reliable one-handed adjustment even under load. The ergonomically formed release lever offers comfortable handling. 


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  • Swivel eye connection version.
  • The swivel prevents the device from twisting on the rope.
  • The swivel allows for comfortable handling in about every possible situation.
  • Works on rope lanyards or steel core flip lines with a rope cover.
  • All parts of the Positioner can be replaced.



Material: Aluminium

ABS:  23kN

Rope Capacity:  11 - 13mm

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