ART Snake Anchor 250 cm | 500 cm



ART Snake Anchor 250 cm | 500 cm

Lifting accessory | impact absorber | EN 795 B

The Snake anchor from ART serves as a lanyard and anchoring device, it can be continuously adjusted thanks to the stitched intervals. The Snake anchor can be installed open and used as a friction device with pulley or biner in the desired length. It also can be installed in choking mode and continuously adjusted as well. Because of the tube-shaped ring this procedure works much better than with any other tool known so far.



  • Used as basal or upper anchor
  • Segment stitching makes for continuous adjustments 
  • Securing a position in choking mode installation with non-locking carabiners
  • To be used as adjustable friction saver with biners or pulleys
  • Great abrasion resistance and wide contact surface based on parallel sewn 8 mm double-strand polyamide rope
  • High load capacity plus protection of eye with tube-shaped ART ring
  • Better security and tensile strength based on even load distribution onto the whole of tube shape ring structure

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Length: 8' (250 cm) | 16' (500 cm)
Breaking Load: 20 kN 
Strand count: 32
Weight: 250 cm (approx.350 g) | 500 cm (approx. 660 g)

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