ART RopeGuide TwinLine Cocoon Friction Saver



ART RopeGuide TwinLine Cocoon Friction Saver

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The ART RopeGuide TwinLine is a new innovation on the RopeGuide friction saver. Its now possible to install the RopeGuide from the ground easily, and through one work step install two lines to the anchor point. This twin-line setup gives the ability to ascend with either SRT or DDRT, or use the long anchoring rope as a second ascent rope for a second climber or rescuer. The integrated ZipAbsorber lowers the impact force in the event of a fall, and the whole system can be quickly and easily retrieved from the ground.


  • Integrated ZipAbsorber
  • Fully retrievable
  • Approved to be used by two persons simulataneously for ascent or work
  • Certified according to EN 795 B/ EN 12841:2006/ CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Trapeze 4 shackle
  • Mobile anchor
  • Does not include ART Splice Anchor

MBS: 18kN

Max Service Life: 10 years for all metal parts and 5 years for all textile parts

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