Teufelberger HRC ThermaShield Prusik Cord 8mm


SKU: C2950-08-00300_3ft

Teufelberger HRC ThermaShield Prusik Cord 8mm

Our ThermaShield Prusik is the extremely heat resistant hitch cord from TEUFELBERGER.

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The core of Vectran® as well as the cover of a Technora®/Normex® construction ensure maximum heat protection, high abrasion resistance and functionality. Moreover, the Vectran® core provides for an optimal and high strength as well as a low stretch of the rope. The HRC ThermaShield Prusik also offers great ease of handling and maximum grip, which means that it stays supple in use. 


Diameter[mm]: 8
Diameter[inch]: 5/16
Weight[g/m]: 49.3
Weight[lbf/100]: 3.30
Min. breaking strength, free length[daN]: 2 670
Min. breaking strength, free length[lbf]: 6 000
Stitced (daN): 2 000
Stitced (lbf): 4 500

Standard: no PPE standard, ANSI Z133
Core: Vectran®
Cover: Technora®/Nomex®
Plait number: 24

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