ArbPro Neo Climbing Shoes EZloop



ArbPro Neo Climbing Shoes EZloop

Climbing shoes | EZloop

• Upper: Perwanger leather, toe cap in Polyurethane reinforcements
• Lining: Arbtex™ Membran
• Inner sole: polyurethane Memory Foam

  • 銷售額
  • $280.00 SGD Ex GST
  • 定價 $350.00 SGD Ex GST

The NEO is a lightweight, stable and low-cut tree climbing shoe. Arbpro has put many years of development into the shoe – especially into the Limbwalker sole. Knee and hand ascenders can be quickly attached to the proven EZloop system. Thanks to the long lacing system the shoe is very comfortable and fits a lot of foot shapes. The matal hookless lacing system also protects the rope. Waterproof due to Arbtex™ membrane. The Limbwalker sole of the NEO is perfectly adapted to tree climbing conditions. Different zones provide good grip on tree bark, as well as in wet or slippery conditions. A special sole profile, the "Climbing Zone" at the toe, a reinforced heel and a grippy rubber compound ensure good grip and stability for any work in the tree. The raised sole increases the grip during footlocking. Note: The Limbwalker sole of the Neo is optimised for tree climbing. Ground work and solid terrain such as tar or gravel should be avoided as far as possible.The sole will start to wear off more quickly and the life of the shoe will be reduced.

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