Silky Zubat Pro Pole Saw 1800 + Blade 330mm


SKU: 272-18

Silky Zubat Pro Pole Saw 1800 + Blade 330mm

*This product is not available to ship to Malaysia.* 

The Zubat Pole Saw is a lightweight, state of the art, telescopic pole saw with an oval shaped aluminium alloy pole which offers both strength and precise control. This is a very versatile product with a wide range of uses including trimming, pruning, gardening, forestry and arboriculture.

The telescopic design has two locking systems – a spring loaded locking button and friction clamps which work in tandem to ensure a strong and stable pole extension. These lightweight poles can be used from the ground or climbed with to gain greater pruning range without the use of heavier, more cumbersome equipment. It is designed with a single extension pole but comes in three different sizes :- 1200 with an extension range of 1.75-2.65m 1500 with an extension range of 2.00-3.30m 1800 with an extension range of 2.35-3.85m

The saw has a curved blade with a standard teeth ratio of 7.5 teeth per 30mm. The Zubat Pole Saw uses the same blade as the Zubat Professional 330mm Hand Saw. The blades are fully interchangeable offering added flexibility. A black rigid-plastic blade guard is included, which locks onto the blade for extra protection. The base poles have pole-end shock absorbers and a comfortable rubberized over-grip which ensures good hold and control.

Zubat blades cannot be re-sharpened due to the use of electro-impulse hardening in the manufacturing process. Replacement blades are available and only require the removal of two bolts to effect the blade change. All other parts are also replaceable.

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  • Blade length: 330mm
  • Teeth per 30mm: 7.5
  • Weight: 1,710g
  • Length Min (mm): 2360
  • Length Max (mm): 3870
  • Dimensions extended: 2650 x 150 x 45 mm
  • Dimensions retracted: 1750 x 150 x 55 mm

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