ART Twister


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ART Twister

For optimum handling, rope control and rope adjustment devices during the climb are often rotated to hold a given position. Ideally they are supposed to stay in this position without following a twist in the rope after the adjuster has been released. The Twister makes it work: It was constructed with a stainless steel bushing instead of a smoothly running ball bearing which allows for an easy twisting of rope control devices when not under load as well as a stable positioning with a defined rotational resistance under load.

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• anchoring device according to EN 354:2010
• service life: 7 years
• tested with: 25 kN/3 Min.
• breaking strength: 28 kN
• eye size: 18 mm
• length: 78 mm
• greatest width: 30 mm
• weight: 58 g
• material: constructal aluminium and stainless steel
• production technology: machined in the solid
• surface: anodised
• labelling: laser engraving

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