Armor-Prus Prusik Sewn E2E 8mm 28" | 30" (Green)


SKU: 39749

Armor-Prus Prusik Sewn E2E 8mm 28" | 30" (Green)


Armor Prus has become an important part of our climbing system. As a climbing prusik, the cord performs brilliantly, when tied correctly it is reliable and runs well on modern double braid climbing lines. As it has a breaking strength exceeding 22kN, the 8mm Armor Prus is perfect to splice as a footlock prusik or as a backup link in SRT systems. 

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  • Blended Technora cover to prevent melting and glazing
  • Very low stretch
  • Technora is rated 234°C higher than standard polyester
  • Meets ITCC climbing comp rule
  • The Spectra core incorporates a world-first safety feature made up of twin aramid strands which, in the unlikely event of cover failure, prevent the core from being cut or melted completely

Length: 28" (70 cm) | 30" (76 cm)

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