NEW Silky Outback Edition - Nata Double Edge 240mm

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NEW Silky Outback Edition - Nata Double Edge 240mm

The new Nata Outback is the ultimate outdoor tool because it doubles as a hatchet and a knife. Silky introduces a new blade-finishing process along with the updated Nata. Silky Nata Outback Edition's superior finish is akin to a Japanese sword; great rust resistance without sacrificing sharpness. The 240 mm blade is hand-forged from the best SKS-51 (JIS) steel and is double-edged.

Silky's rubber Genki grip covers the complete tang blade for a comfortable and solid grip. Just what you need for wood splitting, batoning, and outdoor cooking.

The Nata Outback Edition comes with a rigid black holster with a detachable belt loop to accompany you on all your adventures.

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