Weaver WLC-700 Saddle with Leg Straps featuring Memory Foam Pads XS


Weaver WLC-700 Saddle with Leg Straps featuring Memory Foam Pads XS

High-end styling combines comfortable leg straps with an easy-to-inspect sewn webbing suspension bridge for a saddle that meets the demands of the professional arborist


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  • Suspension bridge has a striped white and dark orange Spectra fiber overlay for strength and abrasion resistance that surrounds a black nylon tubular webbing core to provide for additional wear inspection.
  • Enhanced extra wide back pad extends further forward on hips, giving you amazing comfort and support.
  • The 4" wide leg pads and extra wide 7" back are constructed from memory foam that conforms to the back, reduces pressure points, wicks away moisture and does not retain heat for cool, comfortable performance.
  • Leg straps and straps attached to bridge are adjustable to provide a perfect fit.
  • Leg straps and suspension bridge are replaceable
  • Adjustable accessory leg straps keep your memory foam leg pads positioned for optimum comfort.
  • Replaceable sewn webbing suspension bridge features two rubber bumpers and can be used with forged aluminum rings.
  • Buckle at waist features a roller for ease of use and to reduce wear to waist belt
  • Two nylon utility straps with a stainless steel 200 snap and a 2" nickel plated ring keep tools close at hand.
  • Dees at front and back offer easy attachment of suspenders (08-98122, sold separately).
  • Not to be used for fall arrest.
  • Weighs approximately 6.8 lbs. (medium size).
  • Available in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes.
  • Important: Only authorized replacement parts from Weaver Arborist should be used on this saddle. The use of unauthorized replacement parts will void Weaver Arborist’s Warranty.

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