Weaver Nylon Loop Runner 36" Loop - Orange (91 cm)


SKU: 08-98233-BO-36

Weaver Nylon Loop Runner 36" Loop - Orange (91 cm)

  • Constructed of tubular nylon webbing, our loop runners serve as medium-duty choker straps for tree work and climbing.
  • These lightweight loop runners are as strong and durable as rope.
  • Circular construction distributes wear more evenly because you’ll seldom clip into the same spot twice.
  • Use for speed line chokers, line redirections, miniature false crotch support systems, a limb handle or providing a footstep where none exists.
  • Safe working load information: 7,000 Ultimate Breaking Strength (UBS), 1,400 Safe Working Load (SWL), 31 Kilonewtons (kN).
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