Teufelberger CE Climb With Tachyon 11.5mm 45m | 60m


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Teufelberger CE Climb With Tachyon 11.5mm 45m | 60m

CEclimb combines the arborist ropes Tachyon and Braided Safety Blue from New England Ropes with the innovative TEUFELBERGER [slaice]® rope end termination.

The CEclimb from TEUFELBERGER is the world's first completely certified climbing system (ascent assisting and work positioning system) consisting of a climbing rope and a friction hitch system.

For the CEclimb, the durable Ocean Polyester is used as a hitch cord and combined with the oval carabiner and the Hitch Climber pulley from DMM to make up the proven Hitch Climber system. The individual elements of the CEclimb system are also available as replacement parts. This way, you can retrofit brand-new individual components for the CEclimb system whenever necessary.

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    Important notes on the configuration and certification of CEclimb from TEUFELBERGER:

    • CEclimb 11.1/ 45m = Tachyon 11.1 mm/ 45m
    • Hitch cord = Ocean Polyester e2e
    • Hitch effectiveness has been tested according to EN 567 and EN 12841.
    • In the CEclimb system, the individual original parts can be exchanged, as all of them have been certified separately. The CEclimb system has been tested to provide a minimum static breaking strength of 2,300 daN and a minimum dynamic loading capacity equal to the force generated when arresting a 2.5 m fall by a 100 kg test mass.

    Diameter : 11.5mm
    Min. breaking strength : 2300 daN
    Min. breaking strength : 5170 lbf
    Weight[kg/pc.] : 5.50/8.40
    Weight[lbf/pc.] : 12/18.40

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