Rope Logic Whoopie Sling 1/2, 3'-5'


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Rope Logic Whoopie Sling 1/2, 3'-5'


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This whoopie sling can be adjusted from short to long in just seconds. It is often used by riggers to anchor a block or friction device to a tree. A whoopie allows the rigger to mount hardware snug against the tree, minimizing slack in the rigging system. Each whoopie sling is spliced by the experts at Rope Logic using durable 1/2" Samson Tenex-Tec.

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Color: Blue
Strand Count:12 Strand
Tensile Strength:11,800 lbs ( 52.4 kN )
WLL:1750 lbs ( 7.7 kN )
Meets ANSI Requirements: Yes
Melting Point: 480
Manufacturer Part Number: SPLICING-10907
Country of Manufacture: US
Diameter: 12mm (1/2")IA:8-16334-14

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