KASK Ear Defender | Adapters


SKU: WHP00004

KASK Ear Defender | Adapters



Attachment to the helmet with ear defenders adapter:
*(Compulsory if you are using Plasma or SuperPlasma helmets)*
Universal 30 mm euro slot
Performance differentiated by colour
Smooth telescopic size regulation
Certified for use with KASK helmet

Universal Size


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The green SC1 earmuffs are used in general industrial work areas.
Suitable for situations with a low to medium noise level (dB) and with medium to high frequency


The yellow SC2 earmuffs are suitable for environments with a medium to high level of noise (dB). The best choice in high-frequency noise situations.
Suitable for a wide variety of uses such as: building and construction, forestry use, industrial areas, production areas, agriculture, etc.


The Orange SC3 earmuffs are indicated for use in low-frequency noise situations. Suitable for extremely noisy environments such as: airports, car racing, while using pneumatic drills, etc.

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