DMM Impact Rigging Block XS



DMM Impact Rigging Block XS

New kid on the block

From its unique and doubly secure interlocking anchor bollard, to the highly efficient oversized ball bearings, this is a block with a difference. Designed to combine lightweight and compact with high performance, the Impact Block XS will become your best friend for redirect rigging, winching and snatching stem wood. In addition to highly evolved fairlead flares, the sheave is integrated with the side plates to ensure seamless transitions for your rigging line, while the all-new hollow axle design facilitates complex rigging configurations and allows for maintenance such as servicing of the bearings or replacement of the sheave. Validated for long term use in the toughest of environments with the most demanding of operators, robustness and resilience are already proven.


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Weight: 708g
Color: Matt Grey / Green
MBS: 100kN
WLL: 20kN
Max Rope Diameter: 16mm
Max Sling Diameter: 20mm
Dimensions (W x H x D):137 x 82 x55mm
Certification: EN12278:20

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