DMM 10mm Steel Oval Screwgate Gold carabiner


SKU: C452

DMM 10mm Steel Oval Screwgate Gold carabiner

Compact, strong and hard wearing yet incredibly versatile in application. The oval shape centralises loaded connectors, slings, pulleys etc. minimising the unnerving jumping of equipment associated with D shaped connectors.


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Oval for symmetry; shape allows central positioning of devices Oval connectors are popular in rope access and tree care situations where multiple connectors, slings, ropes or even pulleys can be connected. They are equally at home in fall arrest situations or as part of a pre-rigged rescue system. The round basket shape allows any of the connection points to self-centre when weighted – this helps avoid the unnerving click that often happens with a more D-shaped connector. The symmetrical basket mean rotation within systems is not required as they sit comfortably either way round. Cold forged

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