Cobra cable 4t per metre


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Cobra cable 4t per metre


The cobra 4t is made of polypropylene monofilaments braided into a hollow cable with a diameter of 18 mm and has a tensile strength of 5.3 t. The 12-fold braiding of two yarns allows for an unproblematic insertion of expanding insert and shock-absorber. Also the manual preparation of the quick splice is very easy - without any tools. The initial tensile strength of the system is 4.8 t.

The cobra 4t cable has a ultimate ductile yield of 17 % and a service ductile yield between 5 - 9 %.

The polypropylene monofilaments are extremely resistant to environmental influences and therefore have an excellent durability - they lose 2 - 3 % of their tensile strength per year of service. That is why the cobra 4t system is extremely long-lived and can reliably protect a tree from damage for a period of 12 years.

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Material: Polypropylene monofil, blackened
Braiding: 12-fold
Diameter: 18 mm
Tensile strength: 5.3 t
Tensile strength of the system with shock-absorber: 4.8 t
Ultimate ductile yield: ca. 17 %
Service ductile yield (loaded with 20 - 60 %): 5 - 9 %
Ageing: 2 - 3 % per year
Service life: 12 years

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