Tree Climbing Starter Kit

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Tree Climbing Starter Kit

You may choose either 1 of the packages or both

Basic Package includes:

  • Teufelberger drenaLINE 11.8mm Climbing Rope (45m)
  • Teufelberger treeMOTION Super Light Harness
  • Teufelberger Ocean Polyester 8mm Prusik Cord 6ft  (2 pcs)
  • Teufelberger hipSTAR Flex Light E2E 11.5mm Complete Set (5m)
  • Climbing Technology Pillar Oval TG Carabiner - Titanium (2 pcs)

Add-Ons includes: 

  • Teufelberger Shaoline 2.2mm Throw Line (45m)
  • Weaver Premium Throw Weight (10oz)
  • Weaver Premium Throw Weight (12oz)
  • Weaver Throw Cube 
  • Notch  Cambium Saver 48" Steel Ring
  • Climbing Technology Foot Ascender (RIGHT)

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