Teufelberger hipSTAR FLEX Replacement lanyard rope E2E 11.5mm


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Teufelberger hipSTAR FLEX Replacement lanyard rope E2E 11.5mm


Replacement part for the hipSTAR Flex

As a replacement part for the hipSTAR Flex, the hipSTAR Flex e2e ensures utilization throughout the whole service life. 


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By means of the exchangeable base rope - the hipSTAR Flex e2e - the service life of the hipSTAR Flex can be fully utilized as it is no longer necessary to buy a whole new lanyard. Of course, the replacement rope is available in all lengths of the hipSTAR Flex. 

The Teufelberger hipSTARFLEX is a popular US and CE certified lanyard system used for tree climbing, and now if your base rope has become too worn to safely use you can extend the service life of your system by simply purchasing a new e2e rope. 


MBS: 4,000lbs
TENSILE STRENGTH: 4,000 lbs ( 17.7 kN )

Certified to ANSI Z133, EN 358, EN 795B, AS/NZS 5532, and AS/NZS 1891.1

  • The seams of the endpoints are designed with new resin-based seam protector technology

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