Silky Sugoi Pro 360MM


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Silky Sugoi Pro 360MM

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The Sugoi is suited for pruning fresh wood, but also takes out dead branches easily.

There are three different blade lengths available: 330, 360 mm and 420 mm. Just as with every other Silky saw, the teeth will stay sharp for a long time. In case it would be deemed necessary, the teeth of the Sugoi can be filed with a Silky file.

The Sugoi comes with a visible, polypropylene scabbard and two leg straps. The scabbard has a detachable belt holder and rollers on the inside to prevent the teeth from damaging the case. The bottom part is equipped with a hole that drains moist and saw dust


  • High-alloy steel
  • Nickel-Coating
  • Blade length: 360 mm
  • Teeth: 6.5-5.5 teeth per 30 mm
  • Dimensions: 575 x 144 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 590 g
  • Kerf: 1.7 mm
  • Radius: 650

The blade must be kept clean to maintain its efficiency. Resin dissolves in olive oil, which is an effective and environmental friendly way to maintain the blade with. More aggressive liquids can damage the rubber material of the handle.

When not using the saw, make sure it is dry at all times. Store the saw in its scabbard in a dry place.

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