Silky Gomtaro 240mm Root Cut


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Silky Gomtaro 240mm Root Cut

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The Gomtaro pruning saw is an essential piece of your equipment and a user’s first choice for formative pruning during the early years of a tree’s growth. The straight blade gives an even cleaner and more precise cut than a curved blade. The smooth tree cut that this pull saw leaves behind will easily be overgrown. The tree will be grateful!

A straight blade is easier to handle in tight spaces and close to the ground. The Gomtaro is recommended among skilled arborists when removing the crown of a tree. For making a felling cut, the straight blade helps you to manipulate hinge wood while maintaining a straight back cut. If you use Silky for the first time, then be aware of this razor-sharp saw


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Authentic Premium Japanese Steel
Blade length: 240 mm
Teeth: 8 teeth per 30 mm
Dimensions: 410 x 110 x 40 mm
Weight: 370 g 
Kerf: 1.4 mm

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