Silky Gomboy Professional Curve 210mm/240mm/270mm


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Silky Gomboy Professional Curve 210mm/240mm/270mm

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The popular Gomboy folding saw is now available in a curved blade edition: the Gomboy Curve. Unique to the Gomboy series, is that both the straight and the curved blades are interchangeable.



Authentic Premium Japanese Steel
Blade length: 210 mm/240mm/270mm
Teeth: 8 teeth per 30 mm
Weight: 235 g/300g(270mm)
Kerf: 1.3 mm/1.4mm(270mm)
Radius: 650/1300 (270mm)
The blade must be kept clean to maintain its efficiency. Resin dissolves in olive oil, which is an effective and environmental friendly way to maintain the blade with. More aggressive liquids can damage the rubber material of the handle.

When not using the saw, make sure it is dry at all times. Store the saw in a dry place, preferably in the hard case or in an appropriate holster.

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